Many people are overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting health and wellness information. Amy can help you make sense of it all and establish a path to higher wellness that you can stay on for the rest of your life.

Our lives are terribly busy and demanding, making it very difficult to engineer healthier habits into our daily lives. We reach our work goals, but neglect our wellness goals - if we even set goals at all. With BodyMind™ Coaching combined with Thai Yoga Bodywork and Human Design, wellness becomes more than just an idea - it becomes part of your wholeness.


Coaching container

You’re ready to make a commitment to your wellness, address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of stress and pain - And most of all, you are ready to find your way yourself. How is stress impacting your life and showing up in your body? Let's get curious together and help you find relief and ease.


discovery session

Curious about how Amy combines bodywork and coaching? On the fence about whether or not you would benefit from coaching, but you know you need bodywork? The goal of this session is to understand where you are with your pain and help you shift to a new way of "feeling". 60 minutes of Bodywork + 60 minutes of coaching


Alumni Support

Now offering single BodyMind™ Coaching Sessions for all graduates of ElementShifting coaching programs. Includes bodywork and coaching call options. Need a VIP day to tease out your latest revelations? On the verge of a major breakthrough and need support?